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Access the most relevant reports on climate change organized by world, European or Spanish level.

Global Information

Effective Carbon Fees 2023
It is the most comprehensive guide to how the 72 countries that collectively emit around 80% of greenhouse gases globally set the price of emissions. The effective carbon rate is the sum of tradable emissions, permits, carbon taxes, and excise...
The Role of Hydrogen in the Decarbonization of the Aviation Sector
The article delves into emerging propulsion technologies, assessing their impact on sustainability. It devotes particular attention to the global regulatory framework, and underlines the need for a balanced and comprehensive strategy that integrates various approaches. It aims to provide a...
Renewables 2023. Analysis and forecasting to 2028.
At the COP28 climate change conference, governments agreed to work together to triple the world’s installed renewable energy capacity by 2030. Renewables 2023 provides a detailed country-level analysis on progress towards the global target and includes an online dashboard, which...

EU Information

The cost to health and the environment due to industrial air pollution in Europe.
The economic costs associated with the negative impacts of air pollution caused by industrial plants are substantial. Methods for estimating the harms associated with the impacts of industrial pollution on human health, ecosystems, infrastructure, and climate continue to evolve, and...
EU Carbon Removal Certification Framework.
Agreement has been reached on a regulation to establish the first certification framework for permanent carbon removal, carbon farming and carbon storage in products. It aims to facilitate the deployment of high-quality carbon removal and soil emissions systems, and when...
Voluntary European Standards for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.
The aim is to support small and medium-sized enterprises to: contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive economy; improve management of the sustainability issues they face, provide insights that help meet investors’ demand for data, and provide insights that help...

EN Information

Photovoltaic Yearbook 2023-24.
The study looks at the situation of the sector at global, European and national level. It addresses the situation of the sector at the state level with data such as the historical record of renewable production and the new remuneration...
Support standards for ESG reporting.
The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive imposes reporting obligations on organizations that represent an opportunity, but at the same time a workload that presents significant challenges. The need to demonstrate the sustainability of the organization transcends the direct scope of application...
Sustainable financing in Spain
The sustainable finance market continued to grow in 2023 and continues its consolidation process. Green bonds continue to be the benchmark, followed by sustainable bonds, social bonds and finally SLBs, the newest instrument, while issuances continue to be very focused...

BCN Information

environmental accounts. Atmospheric emissions account. Advance 2017 and year 2016
Press release from the National Institute of Statistics that advances the results of the national inventory of greenhouse gases in 2017.