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Access the most relevant reports on climate change organized by world, European or Spanish level.

Global Information

Tripling renewable energy capacity.
This report seeks to answer four questions: 1) How is renewable energy capacity reflected in government commitments? 2) Are countries on track to achieve their goals? 3) How do these ambitions compare to the COP28 commitment to triple global capacity...
Global energy investment.
The report highlights several key aspects of current investment, including persistent cost and interest rate pressures. Major economies are adopting new industrial strategies to boost clean energy manufacturing and policies that support incentives for clean energy spending, particularly from the...
Increasing ambition, accelerating action.
Forests are extraordinary resources whose role in supporting economic prosperity is often overlooked. They regulate the water supply, provide essential resources, and are home to pollinators. They are also vital for storing carbon, which contributes to mitigating climate change. However,...

EU Information

A look at the global solar energy market.
In 2023, PV accounted for 78% of new renewable capacity added. New capacity increased considerably, up 12 percentage points more than the 66% contributed in 2022 and 22 percentage points more than the 56% in 2021. This record confirms the...
Final report on greenwashing.
Supervisors’ capacity in relation to sustainability is expected to grow in the coming years as their sustainability expertise deepens. Thus, the Final Report identifies a series of actions that should be considered to improve supervision in key sectors: issuers, investment...
Financial instruments and models for heating and air conditioning.
Heating and cooling are crucial to successfully achieving the goals and objectives of Fit for 55 and the REPowerEU. Achieving these goals requires the implementation of ambitious measures for the disruption of fossil fuel-based heating systems in all energy markets,...

EN Information

When the design of climate policy finds public acceptance.
Through simulations, it can be seen that even minimal peer pressure has a positive impact on people’s inclination towards ecological behaviors. Moreover, assuming uniform self-efficacy across society leads to an overestimation of the acceptance of green policies. The results obtained...
Sustainable financing for SMEs in Spain.
Despite the fact that SMEs are not yet required to submit the sustainability information report, they are not exempt from the obligations set by the CSRD, largely due to the fact that ESRS affect not only the activities of the...
Collective Self-Consumption Guide.
In recent years there has been a great increase in self-consumption, mainly in individual installations. However, collective self-consumption plays a key role in the development of self-consumption. This guide presents the main information when dealing with a collective self-consumption installation,...

BCN Information

environmental accounts. Atmospheric emissions account. Advance 2017 and year 2016
Press release from the National Institute of Statistics that advances the results of the national inventory of greenhouse gases in 2017.