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Fundación Empresa y Clima is a non-profit organization that works for business leadership and commitment in the fight against climate change.
Join us in achieving a low-carbon global economy.

It's time to take action

Climate change is a risk for our society and economy, but also an opportunity for innovation, leadership and business for companies.

Companies are key in this fight and assume more important commitments every day.

At FEC we help them plan and invest in a low-carbon economy, promoting mitigation strategies and strengthening their ability to adapt to the effects of climate change.

The FEC represents companies of all sizes and sectors, leaders and benchmarks for integrating policies that promote climate action into their DNA.


Offer support to all companies so that they have the appropriate information and tools to face the commitments and challenges that climate change implies.


To be the business and multi-sector reference for mitigation and adaptation to climate change.


Responsibility, Commitment,
Sustainability, Innovation, Vocation of Service, Cooperation, Leadership.

Strategic lines


Identify and develop business opportunities derived from the fight against climate change.


Disseminate good business practices aimed at mitigating and adapting to climate change through projects.


Motivate companies and create opportunities to innovate and generate profit through sustainable products and services.


Develop guidelines and programs to guide the business actions necessary to improve efficiency in reducing emissions.


To be a forum for discussion and a meeting point for the business world, providing information and multidisciplinary advice.


Being present at the Climate negotiations as a United Nations Observer, accrediting and accompanying the companies.

Lines of activity


Green brand positioning

  • SDG Alignment Study
  • Dissemination of press articles, RRSS
  • Interview in monthly FECnews


High-level networking and lobbying

  • Access to platforms of influence in the formulation of climate change policies
  • Networking with stakeholders, governments, media, etc.


Accreditation and accompaniment in high-level events

  • COP: United Nations Climate Change conference
  • SCEWC: Smart City Expo World Congress
  • Innovate4Climate
  • B4Planet


Training and Information

  • Seminars for managers and employees on good practices and sustainable policies
  • Information laws and directives


Participation in international R+D+i projects

  • Participation in R+D+i projects of National and International Cooperation


Calculation of emissions and climate action

  • Calculation of emissions and orientation in climate actions of reduction, compensation and capture
  • Publication Book annual issues
  • Analysis of emissions data (+10 years)


It configures the highest Governing Body of the Empresa & Clima Foundation. The functioning and constitution of the “Board of Trustees” is explicitly regulated in the statutes of Fundación Empresa & Clima.


Fundación Empresa & Clima has a team of people who bring together experience and knowledge, to develop each of the projects they undertake from their strategic definition to their start-up, bringing together not only the operational and technical vision, but, above all, , the illusion necessary to obtain optimal results.