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The transition to a low-carbon economy is happening.
Collaborate with us in leading the change and discover the opportunities it offers.

4 ways to collaborate against climate change

Join a great team of companies committed to a common goal: leadership in climate action. It is a great opportunity to create and grow in a low carbon economy.
No matter the size of your company, the important thing is your commitment.

Core Member

The Base category of the FEC is the best option for small and medium-sized companies. Our vocation to serve this group is to provide them with the necessary tools to be more competitive through the fight against Climate Change.

Silver Member

The Silver category is designed for those leading companies in their sector that wish to play a prominent role in the fight against climate change.

The Silver member is an outstanding partner of the Foundation and beneficiary of important compensation.

Gold Member

The Gold category is indicated for those innovative and leading companies in their sector that wish to maximize their involvement and commitment in the fight against climate change.

The Gold member is our main strategic partner and beneficiary of exclusive compensation.

Patron Member

Being a Patron of the FEC offers the possibility of being part of a select group of leading companies that exclusively represent their respective sectors and demonstrate their commitment and leadership in the fight against climate change.

In addition, being a Patron will allow you to take part in the strategic decisions of the Foundation and its main objectives.

Membership Options


Core Member

Silver Member

Gold Member

Patron Member

Advice from the FEC to the member company to adapt its activity to the formulation of sustainable policies

Calculation and analysis of the emissions generated

Register the calculation and present the plan to reduce its emissions in the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITECO)

Proposal for the compensation plan for the emissions generated

Possibility of buying emission rights on the Stock Exchange (Sendeco2) without commissions, for companies not subject to the Emissions Trading Directive.

Study on the alignment of the brand with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


Participation in working groups from different sectors to share good practices, addressing common problems.

Attend dinners in Barcelona and lunches in Madrid with important business leaders.

Participate in the annual assembly of the foundation.

Information sessions with the participation of climate experts about current events, studies and agreements (COP’s, IPPC, carbon markets, etc.).

Invitation to the presentation of the annual book “CO2 Emissions Data Analysis”. Delivery of copies. 

Access to a first level network with stakeholders, governments, associations, media, etc. (IETA, EU SCIENCE HUB, Climate Change ESA Office…).

Digital knowledge pills


Authorized use of the FEC logo in RRSS and other communication elements of the member company.

Help in the dissemination on Twitter and Linkedin of the sustainability actions carried out by the member company.

Periodically report the main news, legislative regulations, subsidies, agenda and relevant information related to climate change.

The FEC will inform of the entry of a new member in its media and social networks.

Opinion article presented by the member company, sent to nearly four thousand companies linked to the foundation.

Interview in the FECnews (monthly newsletter) sent to nearly four thousand companies linked to the foundation.

Logo of your company in the monthly newsletter (FECnews)

Logo of the member company in all the presentations made by the FEC at a national and international level.

Logo on the back cover of the “World CO2 Emissions Situation Report”. 


Possibility of collaborating in the Recruitment of National and International Cooperation Projects that may be of mutual interest.


Discounts and special invitations to attend the leading events in the sector in which the FEC collaborates as a Supporting Organization (Innovate4Climate, Rebuild, Advanced Factories, Recuwatt, Smartcity Expo World Congress, etc).

Speaking slot as experts in conferences organized by the FEC or where the FEC collaborates and is possible.

Exclusive accreditation as Observer members of the United Nations to the Conferences of the Parties on climate change (COP’s).

To be present in the daily meetings with the negotiators of the Ministry as well as to carry out a high-level network with businessmen, administrations, sectoral organizations and other stakeholders present at the COP’s.