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Analysis of CO 2 Emissions Data in Spain. Entities subject to the European Directive 2003/87/CE. World Emissions and Directive: Period 2008 – 2012

We present the fifth report corresponding to the year 2012 within the series of the first period of the Kyoto Protocol (2008-2012). With this analysis of data on Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in a Global Context, Fundación Empresa y Clima renews its commitment to companies, administrations and society in general.

We believe that this publication is a good analysis tool to increase the competitiveness of our companies, in addition to taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the emission rights markets. The work carried out in previous years crossed borders, hence the decision to maintain the Spanish-English format.

I would like to thank the entire Foundation team for their work and the dissemination of this book, but above all I would like to thank the companies Rockwool, Endesa, Inclam CO 2 , PwC, Ricoh and TÜVRheinland for their sponsorship.

We hope and wish that this publication will help everyone, and especially companies so that this study will serve them in the correct way for strategic decisions that will drive them towards a better future.