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Exchange of Byproducts to El Salvador



Decreased residues and gases with winter effect in El Salvador


The project "Creation and inn at the Market of the By-products Exchange in El Salvador" has represented an opportunity for the creation of synergies in terms of waste management, valorization and creation of by-products between the Fundació Empresa i Clima (FEC) and the “Salvadoran Business Council for Sustainable Development” (CEDES), allows reaching the initial objectives established by the project in a satisfactory way. As a result of the exchange of experiences, the realization of the four missions and the creation of the "Business Recycling Market Guide" there are general bases to improve the current waste management system and the value added to El Salvador , involving the most important business sectors and the public administration, for promoting the use of waste as a raw material and the creation of by-products. The assessment of the results obtained from the implementation of the good practices indicated in the "Business Recycling Market Guide" should be assessed in the immediate future, but currently, the recent implementation of the material cannot be confirmed. estimates. The good result that the implantation and establishment of the business recycling market in the city will translate into a generalized environmental benefit, decrease the negative impacts in terms of direct contamination of molts residues and will lead to the decrease in the generation of gases d'efecte hivernacle (GEH) dins of the production chain of the different business sectors. Finally, from the FEC we would like to highlight one more cop the good understanding and coordination of work with the local counterpart CEDES, both of which will continue to collaborate collaborating for the business sustainability of Catalonia and El Salvador.