CO2 QUOTE Closing from 28-11-2023 73,45 €/T

The Iberian exception of Ribera shoots up emissions by 23%

Combined cycles recorded the highest CO2 rates since 2009. The measure that “did not involve subsidizing gas” has boosted its contribution

The tirades that Alberto Núñez Feijóo has received in recent days from almost all members of the Government cover a wide range of political debate, from the economy to gender violence. The desperate strategy of the Council of Ministers turned into a battering ram of the PSOE campaign to launch capotazos waiting for Feijoo to enter the rag before time includes energy policy, as hinted by the minister of the branch, Teresa Ribera. “I have not heard a single word to Feijoo of nature or energy,” charged the second vice president upon arrival at the council of ministers of the EU where the draft community law to repair 20% of damaged ecosystems in 2030 was debated. Without coming to mind, Ribera described Feijoo as being “a man who lies about the economic data in his interviews and who has nothing to say about the main problems of the Spaniards …”.

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