CO2 QUOTE Closing from Cierre del 22-07-2024 63,79 €/T

European utilities ask the EU for more investment without a price cap

Teresa Ribera, host at the summit of EU energy ministers is in favour of a viable timetable to develop the Euro 7 standard, aimed at the engine

The third vice-president of the Government, Teresa Ribera, and the European Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, met on Monday in Valladolid with representatives of the European electricity employers’ association, Eurelectric, who advocate a market reform “that promotes adequate investments”. As announced by Eurelectric in a note, the meeting is circumscribed within the framework of the informal meeting of EU Energy and Environment Ministers, which is held from Monday to Wednesday, and which will serve to reinforce the region’s commitment to decarbonization. According to the Eurelectric manifesto, Europe must establish “here and now” the necessary conditions for a “radical increase” in electrification that serves to accelerate decarbonization and guarantee energy sovereignty.

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