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67% of mineral demand by 2050 could be met by recycled materials

By decreasing demand and increasing the contribution of recycling, mineral extraction could be reduced by almost half, according to a study

67% of the demand for minerals for the energy transition between now and 2050 could be covered by recycled metals through the application of savings measures and the circular economy, according to a report by the environmental organisation Friends of the Earth, prepared by the CIRCE Joint Research Institute of the University of Zaragoza. Extending the useful life of technologies, improving the recycling of metals, limiting the size of electric car batteries and encouraging their reuse and reducing the fleet of private vehicles, increasing the number of buses are the measures envisaged with which the aforementioned percentage of the demand for minerals would be covered with recycled metals. reflects the study, entitled Minerals for the Energy and Digital Transition in Spain: Demand, Recycling and Saving Measures.

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